The Original Chi Flat Iron

If you have been searching for the best Chi flat iron, you are not alone. When this product first came on the market years ago, the original model was fairly pricey. It offered new technology and innovations that yield results people wanted, and with these combined features, the price was higher than many people were looking to spend. So imitators came into the market offering a product that looked similar and appeared to offer the same results, but many people have found out the hard way that the best chi flat iron is in fact still the original model.

Thankfully, these imitators have driven down the price, making the original model more affordable for everyone. So what is so great about the original model? Here are some features:

  1. Heat Distribution – The innovation and technology in the original Chi flat iron is one of the things that makes it the best Chi flat iron around. The original model features ceramic plates that straighten the hair by heat transfer through negative ions that actually penetrate through the follicles. This moist heat leaves hair looking straight and silky without damaging it or causing frizz.
  2. Durable – One of the biggest complaints from people who buy an imitation Chi involves the fact that the imitation products simply don’t last a long time. They may get a cheaper model, but in the long run, they find that product often doesn’t even last them a full year’s worth of use. Plus, imitations often feature technology of lesser quality that can damage hair or leave it with a frizzy look. Those who have purchased the original Chi have enjoyed multiple years of use with a product that leaves hair silky, shiny, and beautiful.
  3. Customer Satisfaction – When you invest in the original Chi, you are in fact getting the best Chi flat iron. The makers of this original flat iron ensure that this happens by giving you a product that comes with a one-year guarantee, free 24-hour shipping, and a special complimentary heat-proof mat and travel pouch to ensure your iron stays in quality shape.  Occasionally, a defective original Chi is a result of manufacturing processes, and this is why the original company offers a one-year warranty.

Let’s face it – you are buying a Chi so that you can enjoy silky, beautiful hair without the worry of frizzy, dry hair or damage to your hair that could take months and even years to fully repair. When you buy an original Chi, you are getting the best Chi flat iron because it uses the original innovations and technologies the product was unveiled with. With the original product, you are guaranteed to be satisfied through the generous warranty, and you will also receive special perks and bonuses, too.

Don’t be fooled by imitators and end up with the hassle of faulty products or products that damage your hair and give you undesirable results from your styling efforts. When you purchase the original model, you can avoid these hassles while reaping all of the rewards.

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