chi turbo hair dryerBest Chi Hair Dryer

The Chi Turbo hair dryer will leave your hair silky, shiny and dry in about half the time of a normal hair dryer. The ionic technology is the key as it uses negative ions to actually break apart the water molecules rather than boiling them away like traditional dryers will do. This actually helps to improve the moisture balance in your hair. The result is a dry, frizz free and silky smooth finish.

The Chi ceramic ionic hair dryer uses ceramic coils, which produces high yet very even and controlled heat. The infrared heat gently seals the cuticles and dries the hair from the inside out.

Very Low EMF With The Chi Turbo Hair Dryer

Traditional hair dryers can put out around 1,500 microns of dangerous EMF frequencies. The Chi turbo hair dryer contains only 1.5 microns which is considerably better for your health as well as the environment. You can be rest assured that this hair dryer will last and there will be no negative effects on you or your family due to EMF

I’ve had this dryer about 3 months now, and use it daily. It works great, dries fast, is quiet, and I like the low EMF. I’ve never spent this much on a dryer, but I think this was a good purchase, given the health effects of EMF. Zippy color, too! (Linda, Encinitas CA)

Chi Turbo Hair Dryer Review

I love my chi flat iron so much that my husband decided to surprise me with a chi hair dryer. I didn’t think I could spend that much money on a hairdryer but it is worth every cent!!!! It dries my super long hair in half the time and definately smooths the fly-aways. If I blow dry with a round brush, I don’t even need my flat iron!!! Great product, great investment (especially since I use it every day). Would highly recommend and I will never go back to cheap hairdryers again!! (Vivian, Dallas TX)

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