chi brushesThe Authentic CHI Brush

These CHI brushes do an excellent job of drying hair from the inside out. The patented design cuts down drying time by 50% or more and provides an easy way to style your hair with no tangles, frizz or static electricity.

Chi Brushes Available In 3 Sizes

Whether you have fine, normal or coarse hair, there is a perfect size brush for your styling needs. Most customers that use the CHi ceramic round brush along with a Chi hair dryer are able to straighten their hair without having to use a straightener. Their hair is left straight, smooth and not frizzy at all.

The design of these Chi brushes allow for even heat distribution which actually reflects the heat back into your hair. This effect not only cuts down your drying time, but also leaves your hair feeling silky, sexy and smooth. Use this CHI brush with your Chi professional dryer for a professional salon styling look.

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