chi ceramic turbo flat iron1 1/2″ Chi Ceramic Turbo Flat Iron

This Chi flat iron is probably the most popular hair straightener that Chi currently makes. If you are serious about straightening your hair, then this is the flat iron that you want. The 1 1/2″ plates will cut your styling time in half, even if you have the thickest and curliest head of hair. The turbo will leave your hair silky, smooth and sexier than ever. Best of all, NO MORE FRIZZY MESS!!!

What Others Love About The Chi Hair Straightener Turbo

  • The ceramic plates are large enough for quick styling but not too large. Sometimes with 2 inch plates, it can be difficult to get the iron all the way down to the roots. The 1 1/2″ is a perfect size.
  • You have the freedom of temperature control with the latest in digital technology.
  • The farouk chi turbo regular ceramic flat iron hair straightener comes with a 10 foot swivel cord, felt tips for easy handling and embedded buttons inside the base to help prevent accidental turn-offs.
  • PRICE!!! You can get this turbo flat iron at over 50% off! It’s also Guaranteed Authentic + Free Shipping.

Chi Ceramic Turbo Flat Iron Review

I purchased the Digital Chi to give as gifts to my two daughters, and believe me for the price they are well worth it!!!! excellent customer service! the heating time is next to none, their hair looks smooth silky, just gorgeous, all after one stroke of the flat iron. With their previous product they had to wait before heating and they would spend twice the time going over the same strand of hair, not with the CHI ! I had a small mishap with the gift wrapping, however they took care of it ASAP!! I will from now on be a FAITHFUL CUSTOMER!!

Ruby from Dallas, Texas USA

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