chi rocket professional dryerCHI Rocket Professional Dryer

Does your hair take FOREVER to dry, only to leave you with a frizzy mess?

Not only will the Chi professional dryer cut your drying time in half, but it also has revolutionary technology that will leave your hair shiny, sexy and smooth. With 1800 watts of drying power, this Chi Rocket gets the job done quick! Most customers say that this is by far the best hair dryer that they have ever used.

Why the Chi Professional Dryer will leave your hair vibrant and shiny!

With traditional hair dryers, the heat that is produced simply boils the water molecules on your hair which can damage or just completely dry out the hair, leaving you with a frizzy mess.

The CHI rocket hair dryer actually produces negative ions that diffuse the water molecules on the hair into micro fine particles which actually improves the hairs moisture balance, giving it a shiny appearance with no frizz.

What other customers love about the CHI Rocket Dryer

Many customers say that this hair dryer actually cuts their drying time from around 30 mins. with other dryers to under 10 mins. with the CHI. The dryer has a strong motor and gets very hot, along with the ceramic technology, which is why the drying times are so quick.

The Rocket is also very quiet and lightweight, which is a nice touch considering how powerful it is.

Customers also love how the CHI professional dryer is able to leave their hair feeling soft, silky and straight even without using a straightener. This is unheard of with traditional hair dryers. If you are also interested in using a flat iron along with your hair dryer, I would recommend the Chi original flat iron for the most silky and sexy hair possible.

Beware of FAKE Chi Professional Dryers

As always, be sure to buy your CHI products from a trusted, authorized CHI dealer. You are probably safe if you buy yours from a salon in your area, but they typically mark up the prices very high.

So, where to buy Chi products? The best place that I have found for purchasing CHI haircare products is They are the largest and most trusted online haircare seller in the world. They also have the best prices, along with FREE shipping on most of their hair care products. Many of their products also come with an extended warranty at no extra cost which you just can’t find anywhere else.

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