CHI LOGOCHI is a company that makes salon-quality hair styling products that you can use at home.  It’s one of the biggest makers of styling tools.  If you’re into hair, you’ve probably heard about them.  With so many brands out there, what makes CHI stand out?  Here’s a little more about the company and their products.

CHI’s Range Of Products

CHI is one of the pioneers of all the things we see today in dryers, straighteners, curlers and flat irons.  They did a lot to develop the styles and technology stylists use today.  They started out making simple styling tools but now they offer much more.  They have a number of collections that offer different goods.  They also make their own shampoo, conditioner and accessories that you can use along with your styling tools.

What Does CHI Stand For?

Here’s one of the biggest myths in the industry.  Lots of people think that CHI stands for “ceramic heating irons” or something like that.  This is even mentioned on authoritative websites and in articles!  The truth is that it stands for Cationic Hydration Interlink.  This refers to the negative ionic technology that their products use to reduce frizz and get hair truly straight.

CHI’s Number One Seller

Their long-standing number one seller is the CHI hair straightener.  This is used by stylists, celebrities and ordinary people just like you.  They have a wide range of straighteners to choose from including – Digital, Turbo, Mini, Velocity, Volumizing, Micro and more.  You’ve got lots to choose from!  They also sell sets that come with dryers, curlers and gel.

The Original Chi Flat Iron is their single most popular model.  It’s a simple iron that you can use to do a lot of different things with.  It has ceramic plates that spread the heat evenly to prevent scorch.  It’s also charged with negative ions to reduce frizz and static electricity.  This also helps to humidify your hair and keep cuticles healthy.

Other Features

CHI’s straighteners also have ergonomically designed handles that are suited perfectly for your hand.  This makes doing your hair easier and keeps you from burning fingers.  The Chi Flat Iron also has a 10-food swivel cord that’s long enough to stay out of your way.

The CHI Difference

Get online and read customer reviews of CHI products, and you’ll get a good idea of the type of tools they offer.  Their styling tools are high end but not as expensive as some brands.  While there’s always been a sort of CHI vs Sedu rivalry, the truth is that these brands are simply different.  CHI has been making quality hairstyling products for many years and they get your hair consistently smooth and silky every time.

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