picture of split endsI have been having problems with split ends for many years and I have finally figured out a few tricks that seem to work for my hair. I wanted to share these tips with you and I hope that you will find something that will help you with your split end problem.

The first thing that I finally discovered is that there is NO cure for split ends. There is no possible way that you can fuse the cuticle back together once it has split. The best thing that you can do is get a trim by a professional who has very sharp scissors and who understands how to manage split ends. Then, try to get a trim every 4-6 weeks if possible.

I notice that my hair tends to grow much faster when I get it trimmed once per month and a big reason for that is that instead of having each hair follicle growing one single piece of healthy hair, many of them are growing two because they are split. The result is that my hair looks and feels so much healthier, but there are also a few other tricks that I use to try and ward off the split ends.

The next thing that I really try to minimize is heat exposure, whether its my hair dryer, flat iron or curling iron. This is very hard for me since I love all of my hairstyling tools, but they really do damage to my hair if I use them too often. I really force myself to use these tools as sparingly as possible. I would suggest that you try and cut back on heat as well if you are having a problem with your split ends.

I also try to avoid brushing when my hair is wet because I have read that your hair is most vulnerable when it is wet and that has seemed to help. Another thing that I have started to do is a deep conditioning about once per month and that has definitely made my hair feel softer and silkier.

As far as conditioning on a regular basis, I have tried many products and still have not found one that I totally love, but I do try to use a good quality conditioner on a regular basis.

Another thing that I changed is my pillow case! Sounds silly, but just think about the amount of time that your hair is in contact with your pillow. If you have a rough pillow case then you can be guaranteed that you hair will start to get damaged. I switched to a nice and very smooth satin pillow case and I really think this has decreased breakage and split ends.

And finally, try to say away from chlorine. I know it’s hard during the summer months, but chlorine is a harsh chemical that will totally dry out your hair, which of course can lead to split ends. If you do go into the pool, either put on a swim cap or just don’t go underwater.



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